Ancient Wisdom Class: Ancient Traditions for Empowerment
Beginner & Intermediate Level

                        Reiki Certification Classes: Reiki 1,  Beginner level
Reiki 2,  Intermediate level
Master,  Advanced level
Master/ Teacher,  Advanced level    

Shaman Classes ~ MESA 2013: Shamanism & Ancient traditions for Empowerment,
Beginner and Intermediate Level

Advanced Shamanism ~ MESA MASTERY: Shamanism for FULL Mesa Carriers only
Student Must have training via Q’ero Lineage,  Advanced level

Private Classes – Special Guidance
Beginner to Advanced levels

Details for all classes are listed below…

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Words of Wisdom

  • What Is A Friend

    “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” ― Elbert Hubbard


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