Mesa 2013


The MESA ~ 2013 Class

The Enlightenment Series
Ancient traditions for Empowerment

In this class, you will learn how to master thy self in the ancient ways. You will learn how to get your own answers; to follow your own guidance and work with your intuition to begin a life of co-creating with Creator/ God every day. To be in control of your emotions whereby you are in charge of your life for your highest good.

This class is designed to open your-self up to new possibilities… To Heal the wounds of the Past; so the Past no longer haunts you.
To step beyond Death; removing all fears that limit you. To connect with the Ancient Ones;  to remove obstacles in your way.
And become the Visionary where you can be the Co-Creator of your Life. Where you can make your Dreams become a reality.

During these classes we will create a Mesa, (medicine bundle) which holds sacred objects & rocks. These rocks symbolize your life.
For example: one rock could represent an event or time in your life that you needed to heal, (such as a tragedy) once the issue is healed,
the rock becomes an object of power.  The mesa becomes an external representation of the self.  Meditating & working with these rocks over the course.

“Mesa”, helps to get you to the next level in Spiritual Growth.  The Mesa becomes a source of Power working for you.
This work is sacred and must be treated with respect.  You can put your problems, or issues of the past, present or future into these stones;
the Mesa creates healing for each situation. When something is brought to the Mesa, you work with it…privately… in full disclosure,  just You, God & the Mesa…  healing begins; with powerful results. During these classes we will be working with fire ceremony – soul retrieval – power animals – crystals – chakras – light body Illumination – rites of passage via the Inca lineage – Despacho (prayer offering) and meditation. 

For the first class you will need:
3 stones (approx 1”to 3”size), a Q’ero Mestana pictured below
They also can be purchased at   or
you will also need a large feather (about 4 to 6″) a soft sounding rattle, drinks, lunch and/or snacks, a seat back, blanket or pillow, or anything you need to be comfortable.   You are advised to bring a notebook & pen to remember what you learn. (This Lineage was originally taught from an Oral tradition, there are very little handouts.) Dress appropriately as most of our work is done sitting or meditating on the floor. Also dress in Layers, as we may be working outdoors in any kind of weather. Also bring your full Intent & Focus; there will be serious homework between classes.
To benefit the most from these classes, we require respect, dedication, responsibility, and discipline.
There will be NO make-ups.  Student must commit to all classes and pay in full upon registering.

Q'ero Lliklla Manta Q’ero Mestana aprox 36″ x 31″

Mestana Cloth Used by the Inca/ Q’ero Indians can bepurchased at or

*We are now booking the 4 Weekend class series starting Spring 2013
Contact us for more information or to Sponsor a class near you!

Words of Wisdom

  • “Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude”. Thomas Jefferson